About us


We are undoubtedly a family business, we daily focus our efforts on generating a chain of human, social and economic value between the product and the final consumer, generating a valuable link where quality, health, well-being and a sense of environmental responsibility be the conductive axes.


At The Green deli we promote "Healthy Living", we believe that health is a fundamental aspect for human development and should be treated from an integral point of view, including both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.


We value time and convenience, we seek to offer quality alternatives that are committed to caring for the environment and promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that adapts to modern life, providing a unique experience, maintaining the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients whom we consider to be part of our Green Deli Family.


We seek to be a business benchmark, in which consistency, the quality of our products and service, as well as a commitment to ecology and human development, are aspects that represent us.


We are deeply grateful to all who have been and are part of this project, for giving us their trust and for allowing us to bring The Green Deli to life on a daily basis.


We continue working to provide a better service and achieve our goal!